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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Top 10: Fun National "Holiday" When They Land on a Sunday!!?

10. May 4th: "May the 4th Be With You"- National Star Wars Day!!" (storm trooper ushers, Jedi pastor, café serving 'attack of the scones....)

9.  July 4th (I finally get to use that stash of fireworks in a lesson!!!)

8. Jan. 10th: "National Peculiar People Day" (now there is an excuse to invite that weird guy from work! )

7. Feb. 2nd: "Ground Hog Day" (if the pastor comes out and sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of that sermon series on Lamentations!?)

6. Sept. 5th: "Be Late to Something Day" (finally, for that little old couple that come in 20 minutes late into the service every week...when they arrive you can celebrate them, bring up right up on the stage!!...I bet they won't be late next week? )

5. Oct. 2nd: "National Custodial Worker Day" (Seriously On This One- bring your whole custodial staff on the stage and have a stand ovation for them!!!)

4.  Aug. 18th: "National Bad Poetry Day" (a day to celebrate all those bad poems that pastors keeps finding online and trying to use to end his sermons with??)

3. Dec. 27th: "National Fruitcake Day" (celebrate all those special people in your church...Wait did they mean the Christmas time food?)

2.  Dec. 26th: "Boxing Day" (put on the gloves and have a Church Business Meeting!!!)

1. Feb. 28th: "National Nap in Public Day" (no comment needed!)

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