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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teaching Clip: #19 -"Letter to a Person on Thier First Day on Earth" (w/lesson idea)

- If you were to write a letter to "a person on their first day here" what you would include?
- What would you not include?
- What is the greatest piece advice some one has ever given you? Who was it?
- What is best advice that you have ever found in the Bible?


1. Know the Creator of the Planet
  - Prov. 9: 10
2. Grow in the Creator of the Planet
   - II Peter 3:18
3. Show the Creator of the Planet
    - II Cor. 4:7
- Have students write their own "letters to a person on their first day on earth", have them read them to their small group or in smaller groups.

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