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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Game #54: "3-Legged Giant Soccer"

A great classic that has been around for awhile,  that my JH/MS students still love indoors or outdoors.  Taking 2 classic favorites: 3 Legged Races and Big Ball Soccer and combines them into a crazy wild big group game.

- A Giant Soccer Ball (click here to get one) or an Excercise Ball?
- Red and Blue Bandanas (enough for every 2 players)
- 2 Soccer Goals (or 4 Cones)
- Large Playing Area (indoors or outdoors)

Set Up:
Set up goals on either end of your playing area like a normal soccer field.  Divide your group into 2 teams, then have everyone find a partner.  Give our bandanas to every pair, making sure to have a red team and blue team.   Have them tie thier ankles together "3 legged race Style".
Have the teams go to the far ends of either side of the playing area.  Set the big soccer ball in the Center

Game Play/Rules:
It is simply soccer played as pairs tied together 3 legged race style with a big ball.  Make up whatever rules you need to make for your team.  If you area outdoors assign out of bounds areas if needed.   We usually play without goalies?

Have Fun, Stay Safe!

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