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Monday, March 10, 2014

Top 10: REAL "I Think It's Funny As a Youth Pastor When..."

10.  An Adult Will Go From Swearing to Using "Christian-ese" When They Hear the Title Pastor? (Yes, That Was a Truly Blessed Call By the Ref)

9. My Kid's Sunday School Teacher Will Not Recognize Me, Then Tell Me They Are So Happy I Started Coming to Church?  (Thank You, I have heard great things?)

8. I Will Go to Lunch at One of My Guy's School and Get Asked 'Are You His Probation Officer?' (Nope, I am his dad)

7. When a SH "Welcome Team" of Girls Try to "Welcome Me"? (psst-I am the JH Youth Pastor, Married, and ...Out of Your League!)

6.  I Call a New Female Student's House and Her Parent's Freak Out, Because There is a Man Calling?  (Who are you? How do you know our daughter?  Did she meet you online?)

5.  When I Call a Male Student's House and Parent Freak Out, Because They Think Their Son Is in Trouble? (What did he do? Why are you calling?  No, seriously you can't just be calling, he had to have done something...)

4. I See Parents Out at the Grocery Store, and They Try to Sneak a Peek in my Grocery Cart? (yep- devil dogs, deviled eggs, and devil's food cake!!)

3. People Come to Our House and Are Surprised It Doesn't Look Like the Youth Room? (couple old couches, a broken foosball table, and some old posters of Audio Adrenaline...that's all we can afford? We also survive on left over pizza and Mt. Dew, the baby loves it?)

2.  People Act All Shocked and Confused When They Find Out My Age? (is that a good thing or a bad thing...not sure?)

1.  People's Various and Interesting Reactions When I Tell Them I am a Youth Pastor, and Then Have to Explain What That is?  (*real question-"so you are kind of life a priest or rabbi just for teenagers at your kind of church?")

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