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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lesson Series: "SIGNS: Finding God's Directions in Life"

A 6 Week Lesson Series on "Finding God's Direction in Your Life"

Each lesson is Freshly Re-formatted on a separate page for easy use, now in a downloadable pdf.  Includes a short lesson outline with scripture references and also small group/discussion questions to use throughout the lesson or afterwards

- Signs #1: Understanding the Road
- Signs #2: "Spiritual Signs"
- Signs #3:"Connected Signs
- Signs #4:"Mental Signs"
- Signs #5: "Personal Signs"
- Signs #6 “Why Follow the Signs?” (Bonus Lesson)

* Includes Some Additional Video Suggestions & Ideas
CLICK HERE (to get the pdf)

Bonus: Visual Illustrations:
*Through out the series I used a variety of silly signs as the group was coming in and settling in AND also as visual illustrations after each point in the lessons. Some of them would be "good" examples illustrating the idea some of them were "bad" examples. Here is my collection of signs for you to use:


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