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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Game #52: "Load the Ladle" (upfront challenge)

Just another fun, ran-dumb upfront challenge that is sure to get your group laughing!

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- 2 ladles
- 2 bandanas
- 2 open top large containers (bowls, pitcher...)
- 2 open top containers
- A liquid (*water is fine, but gravy is better)
- Goggles
- Optional: Garbage bag (as a make a cover for the player's clothes)

Set up
Fill the 2 larger container with your liquid, place those containers on one end of your playing area.  Place the 2 smaller containers on the other end of your playing area.

Game Play:
Have 2 volunteers come up have them put on their goggles and tie a bandana around their forehead and hang the ladles on the front of the bandana in front of their face.   On "Go" without using their hands at all, they will have to lean down and "Load the Ladle" full of liquid from the larger containers and then make their way as fast as they can to the other end and dump out the contents in the smaller container.   As you can imagine the contents of the ladle are going to splash and slosh around and onto their faces as the players walk/run. 

You can either make the winner the person who fills up the smaller container or the person who has the most in their container as the end of a set amount of time!

Just a super fun and hilarious game, that can be as nice or nasty as you want it to be depending on the liquid.

A Couple Suggested "Liquids" (nasty):
- Gravy
- Pudding or Tampico
- Oyster Juice
- Pickle Juice
- Condiments

Alternate Dry Contents (nice):
- Small Candies- M&M's, Skittles
- Small Marshmallows
- Marbles
- Packing Peanuts
- Cereal

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