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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Game #51: "Name Tag Spelling Bee" (Icebreaker/Teambuilder)

Quick, Easy Game That Can Be An Icebreaker Game or a Group Team Builder Game...

- Marker
- Self-Adhesive Name Tags (enough for every person)

Set Up:
Write a letter or the alphabet, A to Z on each name tag, keep them in sets of 26.  Make as many as sets as you think you will have people.  Divide your group into 2 or more teams, and then hand out a set of name tags to each team, so that everyone has one.  Have everyone peal and stick them on themselves, preferably their chest.  (* For a smaller group  use only the main most commonly used letters.)

Game Play: (option 1)
Come up with a list of words in advance based on your group and size.  Have everyone stay in their teams, so you have a the same set of letters.  Announce your determined words and have the group try to quickly as possible line up and spell the word.  Group that spells the word the quickest and correctly gets a point.

Game Play: (option 2)
Do not come up with a list of words in advance, just have everyone stay in their teams and sets of letters.  On "Go" see how many words each team can come up with in a pre-determined amount of time (5-10 minutes?). Have a leader write down and keep track of words spelled

Winning team is based on points earned:
- 1 point for each word
- 2 point for each word over 3 letters
- 5 points for the team with the longest word

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