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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Supplies, No Prep Time...No Problems: 5 Quick Easy JH/MS Games

1.Traffic Jam
Divide your group into 4 equal groups and assign them a corner. The goal is for everyone to go the opposite corner from them, currently where another team is, as fast as they possibly can. The last one across the "line" in each group is out. They however will not just be running straight across you will be announcing the way they must travel in order to get across. Here are a few example: running backwards, skipping, "basketball defender slide", bunny hop, crawl, piggy-back ride on a friend….

2.Tunnel Rats
Divide your group into 2-4 equal teams, line the teams up in a single file line facing forward. Give every player on each team a number from 1 to how many you have. The point of the game is when the player's number is yelled, the team must spread their legs creating a tunnel, that player then must run to the back of the line and like a rat crawl through the tunnel and out. First person to win the race each round get a point for their team.

3.Light Saber Wars
Simple game that has been around for a while that my group loves. Everyone find a partner and clasp hands so their pointer finger is sticking out toward the other person, creating a “light saber”. On “go” players try to be the first person to touch the other player. Losers sit down, winner finds another partner and so on until everyone is eliminated and one player is the “Jedi Master.”

4. Shape Shifters
Form a couple large teams and have them stand together. The goal of the game is using all the players on the team shift and create an assigned shape that is announced. The team can stand, lay down, or do whatever they need to do to create the assigned shape. Some simple examples can are a geometric shape (circle, square, star…), a letter or number, or basic item (cross, smiley face, hashtag…) More advanced and challenging examples might be an animal (dog, cat…), a full word (creating letters), or other objects (tree, car, house…)
The best way to judge a winner might be in an elevated position on a stage, chair of even a ladder, as a “bird’s eye view” might be needed.

5. Santa-Rudolph-Frosty
While this is a Christmas-themed game, my student love to play it year around. It takes the youth ministry classic, “Gorilla-Man-Gun” and gives it a new updated, fun twist.

Two players line up back-to-back. On the count of 3, they turn around mime, "Santa," "Rudolph" or "Frosty."
- For Santa, you make a beard with your hands under your chin.
- For Rudolph, you make reindeer antlers with your hands.
- For Frosty, your make a carrot nose with your hands.

Here is how the winner-loser cycle goes: Santa, of course, beats Rudolph with a whip. Rudolph beats Frosty, because he kicks him over. Frosty beats Santa, just because.

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