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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Game #49: "GIANT PERFECTION" (up-front, teambuilding, illustration)

Another Childhood Classic is Reborn and Coming to Youth Group!! It is "Perfection " Played in a whole new, BIG Way!!

- One Large Twin Size Sheet
- 25 Cut-Out Shapes
- Black Permanent  Marker
- One Minute Time (egg timer or media countdown)

Set up/Making:
Section off 25 equal size blocks and using your permanent marker make 5 x 5 gird of squares.  Take your cut out shapes, draw an outline of the shape in the center of each square.   You have created a large version of the classic "perfection" game!
Game Play/Rules:
The simple rule are player or players have to perfectly match up all the shapes before the 60 second timer goes off and all the shapes go flying.   All the shapes have to not only be in the square, but matched up to the outline.

Start the game by asking 4 leaders to come up and stand by each corner of the game.  Have a couple players then come up to play the game.  You can go single player competition or have students play as a team. 

Set your time for 60 second and have your leaders kneel down and hold onto a corner, but don't lift it off the ground yet.   On "Go!" player(s) have to start matching up all the shapes perfectly.  When the timer goes off, the leaders yell and yank their corner causing all the shapes to go flying just like in the original game!

Additional Idea/Help:
- I used a red sheet and yellow shapes so it would match up with the original game.  I also used our shape cutting machine that our church had and then laminated the shapes so they would last. I also used some yellow spray paint and stencils to spell out "perfection" across the top. You really don't have to be that fancy, you can use a simple white sheet and cut out construction paper shapes.

- Timer Hint: Find a louder time or countdown with something nerve racking!
- Shape Hint: You can get a little more advanced (see below) with your shapes and also add on a bit more time for players to match everything up.

** Team Building: Use this as a team building game. Do not use a timer at all,  make players play as a small group without being able to speak and see who can complete it the fastest

Illustration/Lesson Tie-IN!- "Perfection": Godliness, Righteousness, Holiness,...
- The idea of trying to live up to God's standard!
-  Fitting into the unique shapes that God has created for each of us!

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