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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Game #43: "Use Your NOG-gin!?" (Bonus Christmas Game)

Quick Bonus Christmas Game of the Week.  An extra little add-on to the "Christmas Chaos Night" that I posted on yesterday.  It was our "Christmas Battle Zone" game last night and it really went pretty well and the group loved it.  It was actually my wife, Melissa's (the JH Uth coming in 2014) idea she came up with while grocery shopping!!  Love that chick, you know you are married to a JH youth pastor when you are coming up with gross and silly game ideas while doing your own personal grocery shopping!! Anyway, here you go...

- 4-5 different flavors of Egg Nog (see above pic)
- 2-4 clear glasses or plastic cups
- Stack of index cards
- Pens & Pencils
- Table or something to set up on

Pour out a glass/cup of each flavor egg nog for each player, before hand.  Set up separate playing areas on your table, so that the egg nog doesn't get mixed up and each player has one of each flavor.
Fold index cards in half, making a little "tent" place them and something to write with by the egg nog.

Game Play:
Select your players (2-4).  Have them come up to the table/playing areas and stand behind the egg nog. 

On "Go" they will have 60 seconds to sip, as many times as they need and identify the special flavor of the egg nog by writing down their guess on the index cards and place them out facing the crowd.

At the end of the time, one by one reveal the cartons and the correct answers of each flavor.  The person with the most correct gets a prize!

Additional Idea/Suggestion: Have one non-flavored, just regular egg nog flavored cup.

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