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Monday, November 4, 2013

Top 10: "REAL Reason Why A Leader Can't Come...."

You know the phone call, email, or text. You get it somewhere around the time you sit down for dinner with your family before leaving for youth group. The "I Can't Come Tonight Call" from a leader.  Here are a couple of the REAL reasons I have heard over the years....

10.  I can't stand my small group of students anymore.

9.  I think my rap career is finally taking off.

8. I forgot it was youth group night?
7. We are going to visit the former youth pastor and see how his new youth group is going.

6. We are trying to get pregnant? ("cough")

5.  We ARE pregnant!

4. "Casablanca" is showing at the movie theater tonight!   

3. The students were making fun of my mullet and it hurt my feelings! 

2. I have to show my alpaca at the fair! (*Mick love you man, I know you are reading this, it just had to make the list!!)

1. My dog has an ear infection!

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