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Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 10: Proof That JH/MS Overnight Lock-Ins Are Of the Devil!?

Kids, Leaders and Parent want a Lock-In, but you honestly think they are "OF THE DEVIL"!! You have always thought so, but you have never been able to prove it.  Well here you go the TOP 10 PROOFS THAT JH/MS OVERNIGHTS/LOCK-INS ARE OF THE DEVIL!!

10. The JH/MS Students and the Devil Both Never Sleep!

9. JH Students and the Devil Both Think They Are Smarter Than You and God!

8. "JH Girl Clique" is Actually the Hebrew for "Demons"

7. Prince of Darkness... an Event All Night?

6. Prince and Power of the Air...JH Boys after the Burrito Eating Contest?

5. Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star...all evil demonic names!?

4. Eve was tempted and fell because of an Apple...Girls with Apple I-phones snapchatting

3. The Light as a Feather Game!??

2.  Satan tempted Jesus to jump off the roof of the temple, you don't think he wouldn't try the same temptation out on one of your JH guys?

1.  Have You Not Seen the Custodian's Face When He Walks in the Morning After? (that is pure evil....)

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