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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall "Advance" Week....

It is my "Fall Advance" week in my JH youth ministry. It is the week that is completely consumed by getting ready for our Fall "Retreat" this weekend.  It's a huge weekend for us around here.  It is the unofficial real kick off for the new youth group year, with it being the first big event after all the fall sports ending!  
This year's theme is a 'rip off' of "American Eagle" (as you can tell). We are talk about Is. 40:31 and some of the proceeding verses.  The three main session are: Faith, Fall, & Fly.   I am actually really excited about the idea and lessons, I have worked on.  I hopefully will be posting up the full outlines, logos, game ideas, activities and extra odds and ends so come on back soon.
All that to say...I am not posting anything new this week and maybe even the week after.  As always feel free to look around use whatever you can find that will help you in your JH/MS ministry.  

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