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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Top 10: Things to Do with Your Old Church Bus?

You know them...You have a love/hate relationship with them.  The are a necessary evil,  but mostly they are just evil. They are the CHURCH BUS!!!  More often then not, they are just an eye sore sitting in the parking lot, sucking up the church's money and causing you head-aches.  Why not get creative with that hunk of junk!?

Here are 10 things you to do with that old Church Bus....

10.  Paint into a Giant Billboard for Your Youth Ministry

9.  Remodel it into an Apartment for Summer Interns?

8.  Change it into a Mini Dance Club?

7.  Use it as a Green House for a year around Community Garden?

6. Target Practice for Hunting Season?

5. Make it into a Coffee House?

4. Line the Inside with Plastic and make a Lap Pool?

3. Fill it full of Little Plastic Balls and Make it a JH/MS Ball Pit?

2. Park It Down Town and Have Your Own Taco Stand!??

1. On a Summer Day While Your Boss is Gone, Crash it into a Bridge and Watch it Burn? (* I Don't Care?!)

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