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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quick Hint & Help #5- "THE KNARP"

 It depends on the group and even the leaders that I have had over the years, but pranking especially at camps and retreats can quickly get out of hand!  I have heard various theories and debates over whether to allow or not allow pranking, but either ways here might be a great alternative?

What we did it a few years ago, and are re-introducing it again, it is "THE K-N-A-R-P"!! If you can't figure it out real quick it is the "Prank" spelled backwards.  KNARP-ing is challenging your students and even your leaders to start doing the backwards pranks!  Instead of doing something funny or even mean to another student, small group, cabin, or the other gender challenge them to do something nice instead.

You might think students won't get into it, but you would be surprised, as guys cabins to a "sneak attack cleaning", pick flowers, or even leave encouragement notes (*as encouraging as a MS/JH boy can be).  We have done this a few different times with a few different groups over the years as pranks have started going a little to far and each time it has gone really well!  Students have really bought in and the leaders as well, and it also creates great "teaching moments",connections, and even some fun stories without the mess or hurt feelings.


  1. I agree Dan! At my next youth retreat I'm going to have my boys gift wrap the girls toilet seats with saran wrap. Wait... no, I'm not sure I'm getting it.... I'll get back to you on this. :o)

  2. I have always stood firmly against pranks. I learned from you that we should not do those to people from your excellent example when we lived in Shaffer Hall together.