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Monday, July 15, 2013

Top 10: Soul Refreshers for The JH/MS Youth Worker

We all need those moments.  We all love those moments.  The ones were you get a quick boost and a spiritual rush of fresh air to your soul that keep you going!

Here are 10 of my Favorites!!

10. The Ice Cold Bottle of Water on a Hot Missions Project Day!

9. The State Required "Rest Time" at JH Camp Power Nap!

8. Morning Prayer Time and Devotions by "The Lake"!

7.  The Final "Walk Around Check" Under the Stars on Fall Retreat!

6.  End of the Week "Bonfire Testimonies" at Camp!

5.  The Excited Voice of a Student, Whose Friend Just Accepted Christ!

4. The Sights and Sounds of a Group JH/MS Students in All Out Worship!

3. A Giant Group Hug From a Small Group Saying Thank You!

2. Being Back in Your Own Bed After Being Away!

1. Hearing My Own Daughter and Son Pray for Others!

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