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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Game #33: "Scripture Scavenger Hunt" (Big Group Camp Game)

This is one of those classics, that has been floating around in file folders and computers for literally 18 plus years.  I remember playing a version of this with my first youth group.  It is a great one for this summer at camp, an outdoor fun night, or whenever.  tI can of course be easily adapted for indoors as well.  Use your own creativity and space to add or subtract from what I have hear and feel free to go in any order you like!

I like it because it gets students looking up passages of scripture and read the Bible.  It also works well with a lesson or series about the Bible, Know the Truth, Search God's Word, etc...

- 15 Pieces of paper
- 15 Plastic page sleeves (or you can laminate)
- A industrial stapler
- Roll of duct tape
- 1 Bible per team or at least one device with a Bible app (*make sure you decide and announce which version/translation you will be using)
- Large playing area/space. 

Set Up/Play:
It simply a scavenger hunt using verses of scripture as clues.  Beforehand you will take your 15-20 printed Bible references, using your stapler or duct tape attach them to objects that go along with the previous clue and that will lead the teams to the next clue/object.  The first team to find all the clues wins.  The final clue should be something that brings them back to you or the start point.

Example: First clue could be Rev. 7:3.  The group looks up the verse and reads: “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” They now must go find a tree that has the next clue attached to it.

Here is a sample Scavenger Hunt references and clues:  (reference in NIV)
- Gen 4:7- "Door"
- Nem. 4:19- "Wall"
- Ps. 119:105- "Light/Lamp" (light pole)
- Mark 2:13- "Lake" (water)
- James 1:10- "Flower" (flower pot or flower bed)
- Ez. 10:12- "4 Wheels" (car...)
- Matt 14:29- "Boat"
- Deut. 32:31- "Rock"
- Ps. 62:3- "Fences"
- Prov. 16:12- "Throne" (chair OR toilet)
- Mark 11:15- "Bench"
- Ex. 37:10- "Table"
- Judges 9:10- "Fire" (fire pit, fire circle, fire place...)
- Ps. 36:9- "Fountain"
- II Tim. 1:11- "Teacher" (You)

Additional Bonus Ideas:
- Is. 22:9- "Pool" (*if you are at camp)
- Lam. 4:9- "Field"
- Amos 6:5- "Instruments"
- II Chor. 6:13- "Platform"
- Gen. 8:6- "Window"

* Advanced Level Clue? - Gen. 11:27- "Lot" (parking lot)

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  1. this is a nice game for kids. sounds like fun too. will definitely try this