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Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 10: Things You Don't Want To Hear Your Custodian Say

    Dedicated to our hard working staff of custodians around our churches, that put up with us and our students.  They are the unsung heroes of youth ministry.  
    I actually have one of our maintenance staff as one of my small group leaders.  A super smart move on a bunch of levels (*hint!!) 

10.  I was thinking about changing a couple policies....

9.  I had a conversation with the Sr. Pastor the other day...

8. How exactly did that pizza get on the ceiling again?

7.  Here's the Plunger!

6.  Did you know the baptistry is full of jello?

5.  Umm...that is NOT coming out of the Jones Memorial Carpet!

4. I don't know if you realize but there is a strict policy against bonfires...IN THE BUILDING!!

3. The children pastor's desk is out by the road next to the church sign, do you know anything about that?

2. The fire department called AGAIN about your fog machine  (*True Story)


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