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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Game #28: "Fish Net Face" (upfront game

A Quick Easy Up Front Challenge for Students or Leaders, That My JH/MS Absolutely Love.  It is Called "Fish Net Face" for Kind of Obvious Reasons (*see picture to the left)

2 Bandanna
2 Aquarium Fishnets
2 Cans of Vienna Sausages OR Sardines

Set Up:
In advance take the 2 aquarium fishnets and bend the end of the handle at a 90 degree angle.

Choose 2 teams of 2 to come up.  Explain one persona will be the "thrower" the other will be the "catcher".  Have one the person who is going to be the "catcher" have a seat in a chair.  Hand them a bandanna to tie around their forehead. Then take the fishnet and tuck it tightly into the front the bandanna, directly in front of their face.  Have the "thrower" stand back a good ways and hand them a bowl full of the item to be thrown (Vienna Sausages, Sardines...)

Rules and play is pretty simple the catch can not use their hands and must try to catch as many of the what is thrown in their net.  The team that has the most 'catches" wins

- If you want to make it less gross and sloppy you can use ping pong balls or something else, but for the originally sloppy/gross version you want to find something that will splash and splatter on the "catchers" face to add to the fun.

- Obviously you can have both players stand and allow the "catcher" to move around more in order to catch instead of being seated.

It is an oldie but a goodie and one that I pull out every so often. I just used again with a current "fishing" themed lesson series called "Hooked" that I am teaching.  Hope your group enjoys and has fun!!

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