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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Game #26: "Poopie Pants" (up front challenge)

An easy, super funny upfront game for your JH/MS Group. It is one I pull out every couple years, because it so funny.

It also creates a great picture afterwards, that will live on forever!!  (see picture to the left)

- 2 bottles or cans of YooHoo (or chocolate milk will work)
- 2 pairs of white boxers (preferably new...or at least clean?)

Set up & Play:
Call to 2 volunteers up front and tell them they are going to have a YooHoo chugging contest. Then pull out the 2 pairs of boxers.  Make a big deal about it, if you are a guy claim they are yours.  Smell them to make sure they are clean, ect...  If you can find a XL pair of boxers.

Open the YooHoo and then wrap them inside the boxers with the lid up against the back of the boxers. Hand each person their boxers.  On "Go" each person must drink the YooHoo as fast as they can through the boxers. The first person to drink all the YooHoo and hold up the boxer to the crowd wins.

Funny, Ran-dumb and really is so "Jr. High/Middle School" body humor! Enjoy have fun.  Would love to know how it works with your group!!?

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