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Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 10: Stuff JH/MS Workers Like...

 A tip o' the hat to Jon Acuff and your super awesome "Stuff Christians Like" book, blog, world tour and ....album coming out soon "Songs inspired by "Stuff Christians Like" featuring the new song by Lecrae -"Booty God Booty"?

10. The words "Dude" and "Girl".  Both have saved me a million times when I blanked on a name

9. Parents who show up early to drop off, and late to pick up their kids from an event.  Seriously it is 2:00 am, we got home an hour ago.

8. Marko's Beard. Is there really any explanation needed.

7. Free T-shirts. Get a bunch of youth worker's together and it is like standing in the middle of Time Square. Standing there surrounded by giant billboards selling something while you try to sip your coffee.

6. Spam. It is a game supply, it is an object lesson, it a prize, it might even be dinner tonight.  It is like ministry gold in a can!

5. Energy Drinks.  In a can, a cup, or an IV, bring them on! How else is a 38 year old man going to keep up with the make up/break up story that. that over animated 7th grade cheerleader is tell you?

4.  Hoodies. Much like the free t-shirt without them our wardrobe would be sparse and our head  would be cold.

3. Dodgeball. The modern day equivalent to a public stoning, we just can't get enough of chucking a rubber ball with all our adult might at that little 6th grade boy with glasses in the corner...crying.

2. Bodily Function Humor. The comedy sweet spot for anyone working with JH/MS boys and maybe even girls.  YouTube clips of farting twilight stars, preachers, & various woodland creature...shooting tootsie rolls our of whoopie cushions...and anything else we can think of that involves chocolate pudding or smelly socks.

1. The Stop-n-Stare Down. That super deep moment when you are about to make your final point and the group of boys in the back isn't listening. You come to screeching halt and just stand there and stare, while everyone else in the room suffers through the 3 minutes of uncomfortable silence...

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