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Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 10: SPAM Games for JH/MS Students!?

 Like the mana and the quail from heaven.  God provided us with SPAM.  Much like the word "mana", the name Spam is loosely translated in the Hebrew as "What is this stuff?"
What it is, is JH/MS ministry gold!! It has been my go to gross food item for 18 years.  I even took a youth group trip to the Spam Museum a couple years ago!
So, here you go for your weekly dose of Top 10 Ran-dumbness...


10. Bobbing for Spam. Chunks of Spam floating in a delicious liquid like Kool-Aid or chocolate milk!

9. Jello Spam Jam. Little cubes of Spam suspended beautifully in a lime Jello mold!

8. Spam Shake. A couple cans, a blender, some water, and a straw...

7. Spam Sculpture. A bowl full of little square of Spam, a box of toothpicks and 5 minutes

6. Spam Snoot Shoot. Forget those little cute marshmallows.  How far can one of your guys shoot a nostril size piece of Spam across the room??

5.  Spam Slide and Glide. With that amazing jelly like substance that surrounds it, Spam slides and glide with easy.  Have a student lie on the floor at the other end of the table.  Slide and glide a few slices down and off (like the old western saloon) into their waiting mouth.

4.  Bucket O' Spam. Tie a bucket to the top of someone special's head.  Toss a few slices Frisbee-style and see how things go...

3. Spam Slam. A wiffle bat and a pile of spam balls.  See who can go the distance?

2. Spam-A-Lot.  Monty Python, A Musical and what else a Catapult. Grab a spatula, an edge of a table a white shirt with a bulls-eye and a friend. 

1. Spam Chow. When all else fails, actually make them just eat it!  Classic that never gets old.  A plate, a hunk of Spam, no hands...Chow Down!

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