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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Event/Activity: "The Cereal Bowl"

The CEREAL BOWL is taking two classic church and youth group activities and combining them into a fun NEW event. 

Have a bowling night with a "breakfast for dinner potluck". Line up a bowling night like you normally would reserve lanes, cut a deal, and rent a "party" room. Instead of ordering up the old pizza, ask every student to bring a box of their favorite cereal to share (ala pot-luck).  You provide the bowls, spoons, and milk.  It is a blast and what MS/JH student doesn't love cereal!?

1. Have fun cereal based prizes to give out for best game, worst game, first strike and so on.  Things like cheesy little kid themed cereal bowls, cereal themed t-shirt (walmart, target...), find some crazy big spoons, or even a big bag of just the "cereal marshallows" (find them at your local bunk food store).

2. If you are allowed, instead of showing music videos or something else on the bowling alley tvs, make a loop of new and old classic cereal commercials. 

3. If you or one of your leader is brave enough have someone dress up like one of the cereal mascots: Tony, Luck, Toucan Sam, Trix the Rabbit....OR get 3 people and dress up like Snap, Crackle and Pop!

4. Create a cereal trivia quiz and have students see how well they know their cereals and history of cereal.
Or use these:

5. Outreach/Serving Option: Encourage the kids bring extra boxes of cereal and also as the group has dinner tell them to only open the boxes they are actually interested in eat out of.  Realistically you will have way more cereal than you can eat either way.  Take the unopened & extra boxes to your local food pantry or homeless shelter and bless them with a "food shower" of cereal!

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