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Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10: Your Youth Ministry is SO Hip...

10. Your youth pastor doesn't just roast his own coffee beans, he grows them in his office?

9. Your praise band has a name, but people are not allowed to know it

8. You don't have youth group t-shirts, you have youth group scarves!

7. You play dodgeball, but only in an ironic way

6. Your church doesn't have a youth building, you just meet in an abandon warehouse downtown.

5.  Your youth pastor doesn't teach any more, he just tweets his thoughts on a passage

4. Your group has a tab at the apple store.

3. The members of your group wears baggy jeans, because skinny jeans are "so last year"

2. Your youth department has its own on-staff tattoo artist.

1. Your group adopted a Compassion child...LITERALLY!!

*Bonus: Even your Sr. Pastor wears Toms!

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