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Monday, November 5, 2012

Top 10: REAL Youth Pastor's Wife Interview Questions?


Really? You Want to Interview My Wife Too??  REAL Interview Questions for Your Wife, with "HONEST" Answers?? (maybe...)

10. Do You Support Your Husband?  (nope, not at all?) 

9. What Is Your Husbands Biggest Weakness?  (his quads?)

8. Do You Like What Your Husband Does For A Live? (nope, I wish he would have been a doctor?)

7. We Know It Is Not A "2 for 1", But How Many Hours A Week Can We EXPECT You Be Working in the Ministry? (Lets see my husband will work 50+ hours a week, I will have my own career, and raise our kids...42?)

6. Were You a Virgin When You Got Married? (shh..don't  tell him but...)

5. How Many People Did You Date, Before You Got Married? (shhh..tell him but....)

4. Have You Ever Been Unfaithful In Your Marriage? (define "unfaithful"?)

3. On a Scale from 1-10, How Would You Describe Your Love Life? (oh we are definitely working an 11, have you seen my man?)

2. Do You Feel You Are A Submissive Wife?  (nope, he submits to me.  He is kind of a wimp?) 

1. Do You Feel Like You Dress Modestly?  (only when I really have to?)

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