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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Game #22: Traffic Jam (big group)

Classic quick easy game that can also be a huge amount of wild and crazy fun, to start off your night or finish off your night.

- 8 cones (or a way to define 4 areas)

Divide your group into 4 equal groups and assign them a corner.  Have everyone stand behind the cones/ line.  The goal is for everyone to go diagonally across to the opposite area from them, currently where another team is, as fast as they possible can.  The last one across the "line" in each group is out.

They however will not just be running straight across, before each round you will be announcing the way they must travel in order to get across.  Here are a few example: running backwards, skipping, "basketball defender slide", etc...  On "go" or a the whistle blow everyone goes and it of course becomes an absolute traffic jam and pretty crazy.

My JH/MS students absolutely love it and think it is complete ran-dumb fun and are always coming up with ideas and suggestions for how to "travel".  It is a great quick, low set up game that can be played pretty much anywhere indoors or outdoors.  If you are smaller group define your playing area into a smaller space or play with just 2 teams.

A Few More Suggestions for "Traveling":
- bunny hop
- crab walk
- piggy back
- crawl
- arm in arm
- horse back (crawling with some on your back?)
- superman
- scissor run
- hop on one leg
- running with only one eye open (*be careful this one has not gone well in the past)

Have fun be creative, be safe and have a video camera running!! Here is an old video we made a couple years ago:

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