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Monday, October 8, 2012

Top 10: Ways to Deal with a Problem Parent

* BIG Disclaimer:  I am amazingly blessed at my current ministry with super loving, supportive parents.  The below is just for fun and completely "ran-dumb" silliness, based on a nugget of truth from past ministries or other people's experience that I have heard of!  As you read this you will understand...Enjoy!! 

10. Call them... late at night after they and their kids have gone to bed

9. Write them... sit down write down everything they have ever done wrong and send it to them. Make sure NOT to sign it

8. Talk to the Sr. Pastor...set up a meeting with your Sr. Pastor and read him the letter above, make sure to bring your spouse have them cry as much as possible.

7. Meet with them at their house...don't set up it up in advance, just pop by unannounced. Find out when someone's birthday party is or a family movie night is, those are perfect occasions.

6. Talk to them about the grocery store or maybe at the mall.  Remember the louder the better to make sure they can hear you.  You know how public places are with all the echo and people walking by

5.  Get a Friend to help... Not your friends of course, find some of their friends and talk to them about the problem.  Make sure to include everything possible you can think of.  You might need to talk to more than one friend, so maybe 5-10 people they know around the church just to make sure.

4.  Talk to them with their kids...Since it a youth ministry issue, the kids should certainly be involved.  I would make sure to bring up all the best issues in front of their kids.  If needed even step in close to their face, so that you can see each other.  Occasionally if you are indoors, you might need to step outside!!

3.  Facebook them...not in a private message, they might not get that.  Make sure to put it on their wall.  You want to make sure they don't miss it, that way in case they do other can point it out or leave helpful comments and prayer encouragements!

2.  Find Creative Solutions...find a way to express yourself in a way that is meaningful and they will appreciate.  Spray paint a garage door or use your car keys on their car, something that is creative!

1. Pray About It... I would say the best solution is always prayer.  I would make sure you bring whatever the issue is up in prayer meetings, staff prayer times, pre-meal prayer when out to lunch with other youth pastors.  The most honest and meaningful time would be on Sunday Morning during service, as you lead the welcome time prayer or even the offertory prayer!

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