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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lesson Series: "KungFused by Temptation"

A 3 week lesson series about the ancient battle we all face against an ancient enemy and how to find victory for the new school year!

KungFused #1: The Ancient Battle
Key Verse: Eph. 6:12
1.The Ancient Battle- Rom. 7:18-19\

2.The Ancient Enemy- I Peter 5:8
- His Plan of Attack:
      1. Desire- James 1:4
      2. Doubt- Heb. 3:12
      3. Deception- John 8:43-44
      4. Disobedience- James 1:13-14

3. Ancient Wisdom:
      1. Refuse to be intimidated-I Cor. 10:13
      2. Recognize your Patten- Matt. 26:41
      3. Request Help- Ps. 50:14-15

- Video Intro: "How do you define temptation?" (vimeo) 
- Teaching Clip: Pinocchio- Jiminy Cricket tries to explain what temptation is... 

Kung Fused #2: Face the Gauntlet
Key Verses: Eph. 6:12
  1. The Gauntlet: Pressure + Temptation= Consequences
    1. Pressure: Conform, Perform, Explore
    2. Temptation: Physical, Chemical, Emotional
    3. Consequences: Pain, Problems & Payment
  2. Understand the Truth: I Cor. 10:11-13
  3. Understand the Master & His Way:  James 1;2-4
  4. Understand Victory is Possible: Gal. 6:8-9
Closing Verse: James 1:2- Receive your reward! 

- Teaching Clips: Kung Fu Panda-
1. Scene: Facing the Gauntlet for the First Time
2. Scene: Understand the Gift of the Present: Scene 
3. Scene: Taking on the Furious Five...getting beat up
4. Scene: Defeating the Enemy...Final battle and victory

Kung Fused #3 “The Battle for Your School Year”
Key Verses: Eph. 6:12 & I Peter 5:8
The Battle of School Year- Eph. 5:15-16

Three Battles:
  1. Patterns: Rom. 12:2, I Tim. 6:11
  2. Places:  Ps. 26:4-5, Ps. 24:6-8
  3. People:  Prov. 1:10-11, James 5:16
Victory for Your Year: Phil 4:13

- Teaching Clips: Forbidden Kingdom
1. Scene: First battle between the two masters (intro/opener)
2. Scene: Two Masters, One Student (patterns)
3. Scene: Riding into the Palace (the place) of Battle
4. Scene: Final Battle & the everyone including little kids (people) helping in the Victory
* The background for these lesson was from the "Kung Fused" powerpoint game on "Power Play Volume 2" by Simply Youth Ministry. 

* These lessons were created and presented using Media Shout I have "packed" and saved the entire series including text, backgrounds, and illustrations. If you would like it on disc. I would be more than happy the send you one! 

BONUS: Game idea to use during the series: "FRUIT NINJA: LIVE"