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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Game #19: "Baby Food Baseball" (Wacky Wiffleball 2.0)

Here it is "Wacky Wiffleball" 
is back with Version 2.0 and
a CRAZY new spin...literally!!!

If you liked the game "Wacky Wiffleball" that I posted a few weeks back or saw it recently on Youth Leader Stash. Here is version 2.0 with a wild messy new spin.  This time around you ARE goint to use your wiffleball, just in a whole new fun way!!

- Wiffleball bat or Fat Bat
- A wiffleball
- 4 baseball bases or something you can use as bases
- Squeezable Baby (see above..available everywhere)

Very simple rules and idea. You are going to be playing a wacky game of wiffleball/baseball with a wiffleball filled with a variety of baby food inside.  Before the pitch the you will squeeze in a good amount of baby food into the ball. Every time the ball is hit, of course, baby food is going to go spinning out of the holes causing a mess! It is similar to the old "shaving cream baseball", doing the same thing filling the ball with shaving cream!

You can just play a regular game of wiffleball/baseball or use the rules similar rules to other Wacky Wiffleball game...
"You can throw the  and hit someone to get them out.  Two addition to the rules that we add is: 1.) you can have as many people on a base at a time as you like, but only one person can run to the next base at a time. It keeps it from being one massive herd of people running at a time.  2.) There are no strike outs.  Determine for your group and game where and what is a home run, if you would like.
As always like any good backyard or youth group version of wiffeball make up whatever "house rules" you like for your group to add to the fun.  Change things each time your play or each inning. Like: "this inning you have to run the base in reverse",  "you have to skip around the bases", etc...
Enjoy have fun and let your imagination run with other great squeezable products that you can fill your wiffleball with... maybe EZ cheese"??  Would love to hear what you end up using!!

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