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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We are Expecting!? #2 (Student & Parent Expectations)

  Every year the Sunday before we kick-off the youth group year, I have a meeting with all the new all the parents of my ministry.  It is especially encouraged for the new 6th grade parents that are moving into our ministry, but all parents are welcome.  
    I provide the parents with a packet of information, calendar, teaching scope and sequence and an expectation sheet that includes all the expectation for myself and our leadership (See previous post), so the parents can see what they can expect of me and also my leadership team.  
     I also provide the "student expectations"/rules the first night of youth group to all the students on the back of handout that provides them with the entire year of major events and activities.  We usually present those using a video or another creative funny way to "soften" the fact that we are hitting them up with the "rules" (See past 2 year's videos in my "Ran-dumb Fun")  
As always feel free to steal or use this in anyway that helps you in your ministry! Have a GREAT new year!! 


These will be explained and distributed to all students on “Night #1”
1. Respect: God, leaders, others, property, and schedule
2. Mouth: No Swearing, complaining, putdowns, and inappropriate language
                  * “Zero Drama Policy”
3. No Fighting (verbal or physical)
                  * “No Touch Policy”

4.  “Purple Rules”
  -No PDA (public displays of affection)

  -No Boys and Girls alone
5. No leaving the group without permission  (7:00-8:30pm)
6. Clothing:
  - Modesty: shirts, skirts and shorts
  - Appropriate: logos, slogans, and brands
   * “The 3 B’s– No: Breasts, Butts, or Bellies—No: Bras, Boxers, or Briefs
7: The Obvious
  - NEW: Leave all expensive and valuable items home
  - No alcohol, drugs, tobacco
  - No weapons, fireworks, lighters and matches
8 . Electronics
  - ALL electronics must be turned off and put away at the start of the night (7:00) and should not be   turned back on until the end of the night (8:30)- Cell phones, Mp3 Player/Music/Media  Players, Video Games, etc…
  - All electronics that are still on and/or disrupt will be taken until the end of the night

PARENTS: “HELP US, HELP YOU!” (Parent expectations)
· Be your child’s parent- we are not and will not take your place and God-given role– Prov. 22:6
· Trust us with your child– I Sam. 2, Luke 2:49
· Commit to being faithful and make youth ministry a priority– Heb. 10:25
· Follow up with your child at home about what we are teaching(* scope and sequence and weekly lesson outline & video on Facebook page)– Deut. 11:19
· Communicate with Dan directly and immediately about any concerns or questions– Matt. 18:15, II Cor. 12:20
· Support and join us in our vision and mission of discipleship and outreach, understanding that we exist not just for church kids but also to the un-churched/community students– Act. 1:8
· Sign up for things on time (or even before the deadline?)- Plan ahead for your child to be a part of things- Prov. 21:5
· Help us and support us in our expectations of students (above)- Rom. 13:1
· PRAY, often for us the pastors, small group leaders, support staff--James 5:16

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