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Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 10: Reasons for a Meeting with a JH/MS Parent

 Below are all REAL meetings and reasons I have had to call a JH/MS parent and meet with them over the years...

10. Your Child Was Taking Pictures of Women During Our Waterpark Day (*pre-cell phone years)

9. Your Child Is About to Get His Driver's License, He Needs to Go to the SH Ministry

8. Another Child Claimed that Your Child was Going to have a "Friend of the Family" Kill Them

7. Your 6th Grade Child is Using Our Parking Lot to "Deal"

6. Your Child is Hosting a "Fight Club" in Your Living Room on Wednesday Nights

5. Your Son Keeps Crawling Under His Chair and Growling During My Lesson

4. Your Daughter is Making All the Younger Girls "Serve" Her, because She is the "Mean Girl" of our Ministry

3. Your Child Was Arrested During Our Recent Ski Trip

2. Your Child Bit One of my Leaders, Kicked Another and Punched Another "below the belt"

1.  Your JH Son and One of the SH Girl Have Approached Me About Getting Married!!?
(* have to love the "Deep South"!)

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