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Monday, June 4, 2012

Top 10: Summer Bore-Dumb Around the Church?

 Summer time seems to have become a time for youth ministry and a many other ministries around the church to take a break? I have been talking to a variety of people in youth ministry around the country that are taking a "break" for the summer?

SO...I figured I would come up with a quick TOP 10 List of Summer Fun you can do around the church building if you get bored???

10. Fill your office with sand and build a sand castle

9. Take a swim in the baptistry
(*may not work if your not Baptist? )

8. Turn on all the stage spotlights and work on your tan

7. Bungee jump off the balcony in the sanctuary
(*church roof is you don't have a balcony)

6. Make a Slip N Slide in a hallway or stairwell

5. Strap a surf board to the top of the church van and go surfing

4. Light a match in your Senior Pastor's in the sprinklers

3. Super-Soaker war with the other staff members.

2. Make a "Swimsuit Calendar" of yourself to raise funds for your much needed vacation?


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