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Monday, June 11, 2012

Game: "Pop-SICK-les"

Here is quick fun summer time themed up-front game.  We call it "Pop-SICK-les'. It takes a little prep the night before and some creative shopping, but is worth it. The idea and the fun is simple.

-  Popsicle makers, similar to what is shown, but if you can find ones that are not see through it adds to the fun
- A wide variety of gross or unusual liquids.

As if you can't already figure out where this is going.  You are going to create 6-8 "Pop-SICK-les" each being a unique and special flavor. You can either call up 2 volunteers to each eat 3-4 or as many volunteers as you have "pop-sick-les" and have everyone just eat one. You tell them that it is going to be a "brain-freeze" challenge to see who can eat their Popsicle the fastest.  Ready, Set, Go...and let the funny faces and surprise begin.

Suggested Flavors:
- Lemon Juice
- Pickle Juice
- Mustard
- Ketchup
- Vinegar
- Prune Juice
- Soy Sauce
- Mayonnaise
- BBQ Sauce
- A-1
- and so on, let your imagination run wild!! 
* Personal Faves..
- Sauerkraut Juice
- Gravy (looks like a fudgesicle)
- "Blendered" Spam

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