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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Retreat Lessons: "Wild Child (of God)"

This winter instead of doing the traditional winter/snow camp setting, we decided to plan what we called the "Wet N Wild Winter Weekend" at a small hotel/indoor water park. Here is the lesson outlines for the 2 main teaching times, based on the theme for the weekend "Wild Child (*of God).  These 2 lessons were part of our weekend's student books and were used around tables.  I apologize for the the weird formatting.  I used minimal media and relied more on discussion and object illustrations for these lessons.  You will find my suggested objects for each lesson below each outline.  Hope this saves you a little time and is useful to you for a retreat or even another teaching time in your ministry.

Lesson: #1-WILD MAN (of God)- Matt. 3: John the Baptist
1. Wild PLACE (vs. 1-3)
-          Table Time:
o       Do you like camping?
o       What is the “wildest place” you have ever been?
-          Study Time:
o        “Wilderness”: The Wild Places
      * 245x’s in the OT, 35x’s in NT.
o       Places of Preparation, Prayer, and Punishment
2. Wild LIFE (vs. 4-5)
       - Table Time:
o       What is the weirdest things you have ever eaten
 -  Study Time:
o       Locust: “Clean to Eat”  (Lev. 11), Used in Plagues and Symbolism
o       Honey: “Land of Milk and Honey”- Ex. 3:8, “Sweet”- Ps. 81, “Currency”- Ez.  27:17,
o       Camel Hair:  “Prophet’s ‘Mantel” like Elijah– II Kings.1:8,  “a poor, cheap material and itchy”
3. Wild WORDS (vs. 6-10)
       - Table Time:
o       Have you ever got in trouble for something you said?
  - Study Time:
o       Confession of sin for some, accusation for others!
* “Bunch of Snakes
* “Chopping down the Tree that does not Produce Fruit
                                                - Matt. 7:16, Gal 5:22-23
4. Wild MEETING (vs. 11-13)
       - Table Time:
o       Have you ever met someone famous?
o       Who is your personal hero?
-          Study Time:
o        “BAPTIZO”- “Dunk”, “Submerge” in order to wash
* ceremonial/symbolic religious cleaning
o       Sandals– exchanged in promise or thrown in offense
o       Fire and Spirit: think of Acts. 2.—Power and Presence
o       Jesus and a Pitch Fork??  Luke 3:17, Luke 22:31
o       Fire Part 2??: Punishment and Purity

Wildly Personal (personal life application)
- You are a Son/Daughter of God. You are his CHILD.  Does that excite you?  
- God has WILD plans for your future are you willing to go where ever he sends you?
- Is your life more about what people think or about what God thinks?
- Are you willing to “offend” a few people in order for people to hear the TRUTH?
-  Have ever MET JESUS PERSONALLY in your life?

A Wild Bunch (Small Group/Cabin Discussion
-  Is it hard to live or be different in our world?
- Is it hard to say things that are not popular?
-  What are some ways that as “Wild Children” of God we should live, act, or talk differently?
- What are the things or people that hold us back from being “wild” for God?

Suggestion: For this lesson I used a variety of objects as I talked such as:
-          plastic grasshopper (locust)
-          jar of honey
-          strip of burlap
-          rubber snake
-          plastic toy ax
-          plastic fruit
-          toy man & cup of water
-          flip flop (sandal)
-          lighter
-          plastic pitchfork (winnowing fork)

Lesson #2: Wild Woman (of God)- Luke 11- Sinful Woman
1. Wild PLACE (vs. 36-38)
- Table Time:
o        Have you ever snuck in somewhere?
o       Have you ever broken something expensive
-          Study Time:
o       “Pharisee”- the “church guys house”
o       “Woman”-culturally unequal with men, slightly above a dog?
o       “Alabaster Jar of Perfume”- expensive, maybe a year’s salary– Mk. 14
o       “Hair” - “hair is the glory of a woman”- I Cor. 11;15
2. Wild GIFT (vs. 39-43)
      - Table Time:
o       What is the best gift you have ever received?
o       Who was it from?
-          Study Time:
o       “Prophet”? (if?) “prophet’s welcome”- Matt. 10:41 “prophet’s honor”- Matt. 13: 57
o       “touch him”— unclean, sinner...probably ‘girl with a reputation’
o       THE STORY (quick parable) who is need more forgiveness?  Who appreciates it more??
3. Wild WORDS (vs. 44-46)
     - Table Time:
o        How do you usually greet your friends?
-          Study Time:
o       “Water for my Feet”: host did not wash his feet or even offer him something to wash his own feet (John 13:1-17)- job of a servant
o       “Kiss”- (philema) honor, welcome, love-Friendship. II Cor. 13:12 *not that kind...
o       “Oil”- (188 kinds) blessing & symbolic gesture of honor
4. Wild REACTION (vs. 47-50)
     - Table Time:
o       Have you ever seen someone do something crazy?
-          Study Time:
o       Faith shown through action and life
o       Great love, great forgiveness
o       Only Jesus can forgive
o       Immediate forgiveness AND Salvation
o       Go in “peace”—wholeness and “shalom”

Wildly Personal(personal life application)
  • You are Child of God. You are forgiven and loved ...Are you willing to take some WILD social risks to show and share that love?
  • What the simple, behind the scene things you can do show others God’s WILD love?
  • What the expensive things that are not willing to give up or offer to God in order to live a more WILD life?
  • Who or what are you afraid of when it come to living differently?
  • What is the sin or thing in your life that you don’t “think” Jesus can forgive you of

A Wild Bunch(small group/cabin time)
  • What do you was going thought the woman’s mind as she walked into the house?
  • Where is the place you would feel the most uncomfortable about doing something WILD for God?
  • Be Honest, what is the one object you own you would have the hardest time giving away?
  • What is one WILD thing you can do this coming week that could show others your faith?

Suggestion: For this lesson I used a variety of objects as I talked such as:

-          bottle of perfume (that I continued to spray)

-          a hair extension

-          Mr. Potato head feet

-          Wax lips

-          A Bottle of Olive Oil

-          A Puzzle (* shalom-wholeness)

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