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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Retreat Lesson: "Famous One"

Theme Verses: Is. 28:8- Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you;  your name and FAME are the desire of our hearts.

  1. Famous Name- Ps.135:5
    - Question: Who is someone famous that is only known by one name?
  1. Famous Words- Ps. 138:2
    -  Question:  Who is someone famous that is know for their words?
  2. Famous Actions- Hab. 3:2
    - Question: What are things that people do to make them famous?
  3. Famous Power- Ps. 102:12
    - Questions: Who is some famous and powerful?
     Closing  Challenge:
- What is our reaction to famous people’s names, words, actions, and  
-   Who is the TRUE FAMOUS ONE?  Ps. 145
-   Are you a fan of the TRUE FAMOUS ONE?
       Make it Personal Journal:
            -How do I use God’s Name every day? In praise or just an expression?
- How much time to I spend really reading God’s words?
- I am I in awe of what God has done?
- Do I allow God to have power over my life?
       Cabin Time Discussion:
            - Who is someone famous you look up to? Why?
- How do people around you use God’s name?
- What is your favorite Bible verse? Do you have one that you like to quote?
- Share one thing that God has done for you recentl
- Where in your life right now do you need God’s power and authority?
- How do you think our world would change if we truly became God’s Fans?
Additional Resources/Suggestions:

-    “Before They Were Famous? Powerpoint Game (Simply Youth)

-    Opening Video: “How to Be Famous” (You Tube)

-     Closing Video: “Do You Know Why I Worship?”(BlueFish TV)


1.      Fame Monster #1: Selfish Ambition- Phil. 2:3, James 3:14-16
2.      Fame Monster #2: Pride- Job 20:6-7, Prov. 16:18-19
3.      Fame Monster #3: Envy- Gal. 6:3-4, Prov. 14:30
4.      Fame Monster #4: Greed- I Tim. 6:9-11, Phil. 3:18-19
            Closing Challenge: Have you slain the “Fame Monsters” in your life?-
-          Gal. 5:19-25

Make it Personal Journal:
-Are you ever jealous and envious of what others have and you don’t?
-Is there any areas of selfishness or pride in your life?
-You may not be famous , but do you ever do things for other attention?
-What area in your life do you need to “put to death” in order to live differently?

Cabin Time Discussion:
-What do you think about our culture’s obsession with fame and celebrities?
-Even though we are not famous, do you think we struggle with any of the 4 things we talked about? Which one do you struggle with?
-What do you think about God’s feelings and response to fame, celebrity and the things we talked about today?
-What are some ways we can resist the “Fame Monsters” in our culture?
Additional Resources/ Suggestions:

- “Infamous” Power Point Game (Simply Youth)

- Opening Song: “Fame Monster” by Lady Gaga (Selfish Ambition) * Use only clean parts or the first few lines of the song.

- Video Illustrations: Malice- Alec Baldwin as a surgeon claims that he is God (Pride)

- Video Illustration: Envy Movie Trailer- Jack Black & Ben Stiller (Envy)

- Video Illustration: Wall Street- Gordon Gecko’s famous speech on greed being good (Greed)

  1. Yes Lord”- Are we read to say YES?- John 21:15-17
  2. Walking in the ways of your laws..”-Are we ready to OBEY?- Phil. 2:12-16
  3.  “We wait for you..”-Are we ready to WAIT?- Titus 2:12-13
  4.   “Your name and fame..”- Are we ready to SERVE?- Ps. 136:12-13
  5.  “Are the desires of our hearts?”- Are ready to give our HEARTS?- II Tim. 2:21-22
Closing Challenge: Are we the generation that is going to make the Famous One, Famous Again?

Make it Personal Journal
- Do you really want to live differently?
- Do you really want to obey EVERYTHING that Bible says?
- What is God came back today, what would you be embarrassed by your life?
- What is in your heart, really, what is the desire of your heart?

Cabin Time Discussion
- Are you a “Yes” person with others? Do like to agree and please people? How about God?
- Do find it hard to obey, even you don’t agree with the instructions? How about with God’s word?
- Are you a patient person and good at waiting or do you like things to happen immediately? How about in your prayer life and relationship with God
- What do you think people your age (*your generation) have the biggest struggle with? How do you think our world would change if that wasn’t a struggle any more

* This final lesson was outside without media, so I have not provided suggestions or resources

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