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Monday, March 19, 2012

Illustration: Coloring in Your Life With Joy

* Here is an illustration I used as part of my recent Teaching Series on JOY

What You Need: A coloring page and some crayons.  You will make 2 copies of the coloring picture and have a third sheet that you need to keep blank.  HERE is a spot to get some simple printable coloring pages, if you need one.

What You Will Do: ( Before the lesson you will color in only one of the coloring pages.) 

1. ) The blank page represents your life and the joy of salvation. You will talk about being made clean from sin.  You are now a "blank" picture before God in your new life. 

2.) The uncolored page presents the joy of love and God's word in your life.  You will talk about God guidance and creating an outline of  your life.  He now begins to show you a purpose and plan for your life. He begins to show you his will and calling for your life. 

3. ) The colored page represents the joy of prayer in your life.  You will talk about a relationship with God and his wisdom in your life  that "fills in", "gives color", and provides you with wisdom in finding and living the plan/purpose of your life.  Through prayer God begins to communicate with us and show us what are life can and should look like!
4. ) The colored page will be used again. This time is representing the joy of worship.  You will talk about the fact that now that your life is filled and completed  in Joy you now what to offered it back to God like a child offers his coloring page to his Daddy.  Your life of Joy is now a "living sacrifice" and a continual worship offering

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