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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lesson Series: Sometimes I Get A Feeling?

Lesson #1: What is the Deal WITH Feelings?
1.Created WITH Emotions: Gen. 1:26,* Luke 10:27, Ecc. 3:4
2.God WITH Emotions: John 11:35, Rom. 1:18
3.Overwhelmed WITH Emotions: Prs. 55: 4-6, 16
4. Dealing WITH Emotions: Job. 7:11, Job. 9:4
 -Share you emotions With: God, Family, Friends, and Spiritual Leaders

- Opening Video: “Sometimes I Get a Feeling?” (created by me, ABOVE ) using the song by Flo Rida
- Video Illustration: Kicking and Screaming- “Overwhelmed by Emotion”

Lesson #2: Sometime I Feel: FEAR
1.What is your Fear?
2. Kinds of Fear: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
3. Levels of Fear: Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Panic
4. Understanding and Dealing with the 4 Levels of Fear
- Anxiety: Phil 4:6, I Peter 5:7
- Worry-Matt. 6:25-27
- Fear- Ps. 91:5, Is. 41:10
- Panic- II Cor. 5:6-8

  • Challenge: Why are so afraid? What is your fear costing you?
- Opening Video: “Sometimes I Get a Feeling?” ) using the song by Flo Rida
- Video Illustration : “Fear” by Eleven Seventy-Two Films
- Video Illustration: “Worst Fears?” by Ignite Media
- Movie Clip: What About Bob?- “In the Office with the Dr. Marvin”

Lesson #3 Sometimes I Feel: SADNESS
1.Myths vs. Reality
- Life is Pain?- Ecc. 3:4  
-  Christians are suppose to always be happy?- Matt., 5:4 
- Real Men don’t cry?/Emotion is weakness?- Mark 4:34, Luke 19:41
2. What happens when sadness takes control: Hopeless, Depressed, Bitterness
3. Learn to Deal with Sadness Correctly:
 T: to accept situation 
 E- experience the sadness
 A- adjust to life
 R- release the Emotion
4.Final Encouragement: Jer. 31:13, Ps. 34:18

- Movie Illustration: Princess Bride- “Life is Pain”
- Movie Illustration: The Wedding Singer- “A Sad Performance of ‘Holiday’ at the Wedding”
- Closing Clip: “Precious Greetings”- Blue Fish TV

HERE ALSO IS A GREAT PICTURE I USED: (illustrate our societies marketing and misunderstanding of FEAR)

Lesson #4 Sometimes I Feel…PRIDE
1. Causes of Pride: Over-Security & Insecurity
2. The Problem of Pride:
* “Eye” problem- I want to LOOK good and I want other to LOOK bad.- Prov. 18:12
3. Pride Leads to: Fear, Sadness, Anger…Trouble- Prov. 16:18
4.  Dealing With Pride (the Cure)
- Prov. 13:10:  Be Humble, Not Haughty- Be Teachable Not Tough-Headed
5. Make it Simple... If I am Holding onto Pride- I’m Headed into Problems

- Movie Illustration: Titanic- “The Unsinkable Ship, not even God can sink”- over security
- Movie Illustration: The Princess Bride- “A Battle of Wits”- pride comes before a fall

Lesson #5 Sometimes …ANGRY
1. Causes of Anger: hurt, frustration, unfairness, fear
2. Question: Is Anger Wrong?- Eph. 4:26-27
3. Three Cures for (sinful) Anger:
- Face the Problem: James 1:19
- Forgive the Person: Matt. 5:22-24
- Fix the Predicament: Mark 3:5

- Movie Illustration: Happy Gilmore- “Showdown with Bob Barker”

Lesson #6 Sometimes I Feel…SCARRED
  1. Forms: Physical, Emotional: Jer. 8:19
  2. Lies & Truth: Everyone Hurts: I Peter 4:12*  Scarred People of the Bible: Moses, Joseph, David, Jeremiah....
  3. Ultimate Truth: God Knows and Cares: Heb. 4:13
  4. Dealing with Scars: Matt. 11:28-29
    - Recognize Hurt Happens,
    - Realize I am Not Alone
    - Risk the Effort to Deal
    - Rely on God to Heal
- Video Clip: “Everybody Hurts”- Simply Youth/You Tube
-  Closing Song/Video: “Rest” by Nevertheless (here is you tube version)
    * I created my own, using mediashout lyrics and a motion background.
    * This was are series closing, we offered an alter prayer time while the song played. 
* Used a basic "grunge" moving background for most the series that I also used for my "teaser" clip.
* I also used as a resource for some of the lesson outlines some old stuff from "Simply Youth" from a series called "Boiling Points"

* This lesson was created and presented using Media Shout I have "packed" and saved the entire series including text, backgrounds, and illustrations. If you would like it on disc. I would be more than happy the send you one! 

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