The Middle Years Ministry

Formerly "The JH Uth Guy", THE MIDDLE YEARS MINISTRY is a Site Dedicated to Providing Resources, Ideas, and Help to Pastors, Leader, Directors, Teachers, Mentors and Anyone Else Working in
Pivotal and Important 5th-9th Grade Years. The “Middle Years” are not children’s ministry, not high school ministry, and are more than just Middle School/Jr. High. It is a unique and specialized ministry, where the final lifelong faith decision are made.

Media Resources

(for worship or teaching)
  1. Beamer Films  (Cost, monthly freebie)
  2. Catooh (Cost, monthly freebie)
  3. Church Media Drop (freebie page)
  4. Church Media Design (Cost, some free)
  5. Church Tech Talk (Free)
  6. Digital Felt (some free)
  7. 4 Thought Media (monthly freebie)
  8. FreeBridge Media (some free)
  9. Grace Way Media (some free)
  10. Hyper Pixel Media (monthly freebie)
  11. Ignite Media  (Free)
  12. Igniter Media  (Cost, monthly freebie)
  13. Journey Box Media (Cost, some freebies)
  14. Light Stock (monthly free video & graphic)
  15. Life Scribe Media (freebie page)
  16. Media Commons: (free media library)
  17. Motion Backgrounds For Free (All Free)
  18. Ministry Flix (Cost, monthly freebie)
  19. Motion Loop (Cost, month freebie)
  20. Motion Worship (Cost, freebie sample)
  21. Neo's Clip Archive (Free) 
  22. New Worship Media  ($5 a Month, freebie page)
  23. Rise Above Resources (All Free)
  24. Share Faith  (cost, try for free)
  25. Shift Media (some free)
  26. Steelhouse Media (monthly freebie)
  27. Stock Footage For Free (Free)
  28. Videos 2 Worship  (Freebie Page, Cost)
  29. Worship House (Cost, monthly freebie)
  30. Worship House Kids (Cost, monthly freebie)
  31. Worship Media Pro (monthly freebie)
  1. Countdown King: Basic (FREE)
  2. Digital Stache Gameshow Clock (Free)
  3. Download Youth Ministry (Cost)
  4. Online Countdown  (Free)
  5. Pixbay: Basic (Free)
  6. Rise Up Resources (Free)
  7. Share Faith Countdowns (Cost)
  8. Youth Ministry Collective (Free)
  9. Youth Resource. Net 
  1. Church Media Drop (Freebie Page)
  2. Creation Swap  (Free)
  3. Creative Youth Ministry Ideas (free and cost)
  4. Elevation Church  (Free)
  5. Grace Way Media (Cost, some free
  6. Graphic Stock (7 day Free trial)-
  7. Life Church Resources  (Free)
  8. Media Loot (Freebie Page)
  9. Media Miltia (Freebie Page)
  10. New Spring Church (Free)
  11. Open Resource (Free)
  12. Pre-Teen Ministry (Cost)
  13. *Stuff You Can Use (find graphics designed based on my lessons series)
  14. Vintage Church Resources  (Free)
  15. Youth Resource Net  (Cost)
  16. Youth Ministry 360  (Cost, some free)
  17. Youth Ministry Tool Box  (Cost, couple Freebies)
  1. Barn Images 
  2. Crow the Stone
  3. Death to Stock Photos
  4. Grataiography 
  5.  I M Free
  6. Jay Mantri
  7. Life of Pix 
  8. Little Visuals
  9. Lock and Stock 
  10. Magdeleine 
  11. Move East 
  12. New Old Stock
  13. No More Clip Art
  14. Pexel
  15. Pic Jumbo
  16. Pixbay
  17. Refe
  18. Skitter 
  19. Snap Wire Snaps
  20. Splitshire 
  21. Start Up Stock 
  22. Stock Snap
  23. Super Famous
  24. Travel Coffee
  25. Unsplash 

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