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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Free Resource: “Group Magazine” (Special Discipleship Edition)

Starting off as a youth pastor now close to 25 years ago, there were very few resources, especially compared to today. 

There was very little online as far as websites and downloadable help. 

My senior pastor, at my first full-time gig subscribed me to, 2 resources that became my monthly highlight: “Youthworker” magazine and “Group” Magazine.  Both magazines years later I had the privilege to write for and continue to write for, for quite a few years.  I wrote “Group’s” monthly “Top 10” lists in the front of every issue on and off for close to 5 years, as well as, having other ideas, resources, and pieces published.   Year or so ago, with more and more online and digital resources, I was sad to hear “Group” was fading away. 

I was SUPER thrilled to hear from their editor and staff a few months back that they were bring it back with a limited edition annual issue!   I was even more excited to be asked to write TWO special “discipleship-themed” Top 10’s!! 

You can this latest limited edition issue for FREE! 

CLICK HERE (to sign up to get one!) 

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