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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hint/Help: "Lesson Take Alongs"

Everything is mobile and portable in our world, why not your lesson? We all want our lessons to be remembered. We always say things like "take this with you this week". I know I am always looking for ways to make the ideas and lesson topics stick with our students. Why not create what we call "Take Alongs" for your lesson or series. Small portable, MOBILE reminders connected to what you are teaching!

They don't have to be expensive and I actually would suggest they not be. You can use house hold objects, toys, cards, or anything you can imagine, that you want to infuse with meaning. You can use the classical things like a small cross, religious item, or bracelet but I find my students respond better to more fun items. You can even create something for them like a magnet, a card or a tag. Similar to what  we call “Took Tags" an idea that was featured in Group Magazine, years ago as well. 

It is another easy, creative way to keep your lesson alive from week to week, and may be beyond. I actually had a Sr. High student not long ago pull out a domino that I used as a "take along" years ago that he still had!

Here are just a few examples of things we have used in our ministries over the years; 

- Domino: reminds student that a relationship with God "dominoes" into all of our other relationship. We added a small label of Luke 10:27 on the back.

- Toy Ninjas: during a temptation lesson series called "Kung Fused". It was a reminder to battle temptation daily.

- Smiley Face Pin: for a lesson series we did on JOY. It was a reminder to be more than happy but to look for the ways that God is giving you Joy through out the week.

- Baby Pin: to remind students that they are a "God-Bearer" like Mary. They carry and give Christ to their world each day.

-"Gold" medal: to remind students to "run the race and finish the course" daily. Also good for a series on "treasures".

- Compass: a reminder to have a daily devotion life and use God's compass, the Bible. Part of a Pirates of the Caribbean theme at camp I spoke at for a week.

- Toy Road Signs: a reminder about from a series on findings God's signs on the road of life

- #2 Pencil: as part of a series we called "Skooled" about our life and witness at school. We kicked of the series with a lesson called "Being #2 At School" comparing them to a #2 pencil.

Go to your local party store, craft store or dollar store for inspiration. The obvious treasure trove of great items is of course Oriental Trading Company! Have fun with it. I have found the more random the item the bigger the hit with students. Hope it is a little something to help you in what you do. If have any great ideas that you want to share send me an email. I would love to hear them.

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