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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Back to School Lesson: "Pack Your Bags" (FREE)

A Quick FREE"One Hit Wonder" from a few years ago just in time for the Back to School Season. A Quick Challenge For Your Student to Pack Their Bags Both Physically and Spiritually For This New School Year 


Key Verse: Luke 2:48-52
Object Lesson: Book Bag, A Cell Phone, Books, A Lunch Box/Bag, and Bible


  • 1. Your Phone (Social Life)
    • Question: "What Are The 'Social Applications' on Your Phone?
    • Question: "What Are The 'Social Application' of Your Faith at School?
    • Study: Luke 10:25-28
    • Study: Matt. 5:14-16
  • 2. Your Books (Mental Life)
    • Study: Prov. 1:1-7
    • Question: What is the Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom?
    • Illustrations (Pictures)
      • Pants: know what they are vs. the wisdom of putting them on when you leave the house?
      • Fork & Outlet: know not to put a fork in an outlet vs. wisdom of not doing it?
      • Yellow Snow: know what yellow snow is vs. wisdom of not eating yellow snow?
  • 3. Your Lunch (Physical Life)
    • Illustration (Pictures: Funny Lunch Boxes from Google Images)
    • Study: I Cor. 6:19
    • Study: II Cor. 4:7-12
  • 4. Your Bible (Spiritual Life)
    • II Tim. 3:14-16

Small Group/Discussion Time:

  • PHONE (social)??? 
    • What do you think the Bible means “Love Others as You Love Yourself? 
    • If you did that how would that change the way you interacted with others this school year?
  • BOOK (mental)??? 
    • How would you explain the difference between knowledge and wisdom? 
    • Do you think you are a knowledge person or a wise person? 
  • LUNCH (physical)??? 
    • How can you using your body to represent Christ this school year? 
    • Why do you think your physical presence as a Christ-Follower in the world is important
  • BIBLE (spiritual)?? 
    • The Bible is our “Map for Life” so why do you think people don’t read it more? 
    • If your read the Bible more, do you think your school year would be different? Why or Why Not?
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