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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Game #196: “Unicorn Spelling Bee” (Big Group Upfront Game)

A Magical Game of Fun and Excitement Sure to Bring Out the Fairy Tale Princess and Prince in Your Group!? 

NO!! Not Really But it is A Lot of Fun to Watch and Play!

- 1/3 to a 1/2 of a pool noodle
- A bandana
- Index Cards
- 30-60 second egg timer or multi-media countdown clock


Quick explanation: An up front player, the “unicorn” using only their magical “horn” (pool noodle) will have to try to spell out a word in the air, that their team can guess.

Before the Game:
- Cut a pool noodle in 1/3 or half, keeping only a couple foot portion for the game
- Write down clue words to be spelled on the index cards

- Divide the group up into 2 large teams
- Have each team go to one side or the other of the main meeting space but still facing forward
- Give the “quick explanation”
- Ask for a volunteer from the first team to come
- Tie the pool noodle to their forehead with the bandana and show them the clue
-  On “Go” the person using only their unicorn horn, must try to spell out their word.
-  The team must then try to correctly guess the word that is being spelled in the time allowed

- Player up front cannot say anything or make noise 
- If a team does not guess the clue correctly in the time allowed the other team has a chance to “steal” by as a group deciding on one guess. 
- For each correct guess the team gets one point

- The winning team is the team that has the most point/ correct guess overall

Spelling Word Clue Suggestions: (depending on age)
- Easy: “Cat”, “Dog”, “Bat”….
- Medium: “Apple”, “Phone”, “Bible”, “Jesus”…
- Hard: “Lollipop”, “Airplane”, “Disciple”…
* Suggestion: Use as part of the a review game, using words from a current lesson that is being taught

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