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Monday, May 7, 2018

Top 10: New/Less-Known Youth Ministry Podcasts

Whether it is your morning walk/workout time, the commute to work or just during that next long trip.  Youth ministry podcast are a great way to keep connected and thinking about youth ministry. 

There are some great, popular youth ministry podcasts out there with well-known names and big organization connected to them.  There are however also some less known or newer ones coming out that you may or may not have listened to yet!  Here are 10 of my current favorite, including 2 middle years specific ones, that you need to check out this week! 

If you have one or know of one I should check out, drop me a line! 

10. Youth Ministry: Small Church 

9. Next Level Student Ministry  

8. Conversation in Student Ministry 

7. The Student Ministry Podcast 

6. Youth Ministry In Motion 

5. Youth Ministry Partners 

4. Youth Ministry Sherpas 

3. J3 Podcast 

2. Talking Squirrels  (Middle Years Specific) 

1. Controlled Chaos (Middle Years Specific) 


  1. Dude. Humbled that Controlled Chaos made the list!!! Thanks a ton for the inclusion on this. And I love the rest of the list!!!!

  2. This is great. Thanks for including us!!