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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Top 10: Things ‘They’ Can’t Teach You About Youth Ministry?

I have huge respect for the “they” in the youth ministry world--Authors, Professors, and Speakers.  Amazing men and women of God working for great universities, colleges and other organizations, teaching and training young students and people of all ages about youth ministry.  

This NOT a slight or slam on any of them, but as I talk, coach and mentor I see there are some things that just are not being taught and may be....  not even be able to be taught in a classroom?   

Here are at least 10 “Things ‘They' Can’t Teach You about Youth Ministry”... 

10. How to Love Your Calling as a Youth Pastor.

9.  How to Stay Organized. 

8.  How to Connect with Students in an Authentic, Genuine way. 

7.  How to Really Sit and Talk with a Student after a Suicide/Family Death. 

6.  How to Tell a Group Of Students, That You are Leaving. 

5.  How to Successfully Run a Game or Event.

4.  How to Love Your Wife, Like Christ Loves the Church. 

3. How to Deal with an Upset/Angry/Disappointed Parent of a Student. 

2.  How to Be Humble as a Leader.

1.  How to Really Be a True Pastor and Shepherd to Students.

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