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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Game #189: Egg Nog Bog (Upfront Christmas Challenge)

It is that time of year again.  The turkey is gone and the tree is up.  It is time to dust off the old Santa hat and start playing some Christmas games with your middle years kids.

Whether it is a quick moment of fun as you start the night, part of a collection of games, or a quick addition to your Christmas Party, here is a quick silly game that my students have loved! 


• 2 gallons of eggnog
• 2 large bowls
• 2 packages of marshmallows (fun shapes are extra funny)
• 2 straws
• 2 plates
• 1 Table
• 60 second egg timer or multimedia countdown clock


Quick explanation: Player will have to retrieve as many marshmallows from the eggnog bog as they can in 60 seconds using their straws to either stab or stuck up the marshmallows.

Before the Game:
• Put an equal amount of marshmallows (15-20) in the bottom of each large bowl.
• Pour an equal amount of eggnog over the marshmallows, filling the bowl
• Place the bowl on the table upfront.
• Place 1 straw and a plate beside each bow.l


• Ask for 2 volunteers.
• Bring the volunteers to the front, have them stand behind the table facing the audience
• Give them the “quick explanation” and rules
• On “Go!” player step forward to the table, place the straw in their mouth and begin to retrieve as many marshmallows as they can in the time allowed.
• Players must then place the collected marshmallows on the plate beside their bowl.

• Player must use their straw to retrieve marshmallows and cannot use their hands or simple put their face in the bowl,.

• After 60 seconds count the number of marshmallows that each player has on their plates. The winner is the player with the most marshmallows

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