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Monday, October 30, 2017

Top 10: REAL Things I Have Heard at School Lunches!

In my on-going series of “REAL” Top Tens:

REAL Youth Ministry Job Interview 

Here is yet another one to add to the collection!   Ten of my favorite, absolutely REAL things I have heard visiting my students during the day at school for lunch... 

10. Are You a Stalker?

9. Hey, Your Probation Officer is Here!

8. Hey! Come Meet My Pastor, so He Can Preach At You! 

7. Is That Candy Laced With Drugs?

6. You re Kind of Old To Be Her Boyfriend!

5. Shhh...Stop ___________ The Youth Pastor Is Coming?

4. Do I Need to Pray for My Lunch, Since You Are Here?

3. Hey, Are You His Dealer?

2. Why Are You Here? Am I In Trouble? Did My Parents Call You about__________?

1. Oh! Did You Have a Day Off at Your Real Job!?

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