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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Middle Years Ideas: "Top This Nights"

A little something fun to add to your group meetings, youth night, or next event, consider making it a "TOP THIS" night. 

We all get sick of having pizza all the time as the go-to menu of choice.  Why not change it up and have some fun by creating a topping bar with a special food item.  It is simple and a quick easy to add a little hype to your next gathering.   You can do "Iron Chef" style and make it a big reveal when people get there or announce it before hand as attraction for the night/event.

My strategy and philosophy in my "middle years ministry" is to "MAKE EVERY NIGHT SPECIAL"

Have the usual toppings that would normally go on that item, but also include some really bizarre or unusual one as well.    Have the usual toppings for the girls and for the guys have a little challenge going of the best EDIBLE creation...key word edible as in they have to be willing to eat it themselves.  What is also a fun surprise is the things that people discover they like on their food!!?

Here are a couple suggested ideas for your "Top This"
- Ice Cream (of course)
- Hot Dog, think regions of the country...NY style, Chicago, etc..
- Hamburger
- Pizza, order up a bunch of plain cheese and away you go
- Salad, variety of toppings AND "dressings"/sauces?

More Fun:
- Potato Chip Bar or Nacho Bar
- Waffles/Pancake
- Peanut Butter Sandwich,
- Christmas Cookie Topping, plain sugar cookies and lots of fun frosting and sprinkles
- French Fries
- "Stuff the Tortilla" Night, hard and soft of course!
- Create Your Own Cereal, provide basic plain cereals

If You Dare:
- "Elf" Spaghetti buffet, provide only the toppings Elf would use!! Great at Christmas Time!!

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