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Monday, August 7, 2017

Middle Years Ministry and Senior Saints Ministry is the SAME?

Let's be real, sometimes in some churches there is a Battle Royale happening between the two generations on both ends of the spectrum. 

It may be over music style or music volume? 

It may be over the Jones Memorial carpet in the Parlor? 
It might even be over the "ways things use to be" or "we have never done it way before".

If we are real the 2 groups "the Youth" and the "Senior Saints" while they think they are completely different are actually REALLY the SAME!!  Especially the middle years (5th-9th graders) and the "Golden Oldies" (define the age however you dare...)   


10. Forgetful and get lost easily?

9. "Catty"gossiping, cliquey females?

8.  Loud
 talking, body-function obsessed males? 

7. Words, lingo & jokes no one but people their age else gets?

Can't drive, so they always need a ride somewhere?

Clothes that look like it belongs in a thrift store? 

4. Listen to music that no one else knows or likes?

3. FREE FOOD is the key to getting 
them to show up to any event?

Funny hair colors and styles!  (sometimes varying shades of blue?)

1. They Both Need Jesus and a Church Community to Love them! 

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