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Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 10: "A White Youth Pastor Blinking..."

10. Hearing Someone Say That They Didn't Know What They Wanted to Do With Their Life, So They Went into Ministry?  

9. Hearing a Parent Say They Wanted to Teach Their Kids About Keeping Their Commitments, So They Are Choosing Their Commitment to Sports Over Their Commitment to Christ? 

8.  Hearing Someone Explain Why the Ministry Needs to Do Less Outreach and Serving Those Outside the Church,  to Spend More Time, Money, and Efforts Entertaining the People Inside the Church. 

7.  Having Someone Ask You about Your Week of Vacation, After Returning from a Missions Trip.

6. Hearing A Youth Pastor Talk About Needing to Spend Less Time with His Wife and Family, In Order To Spend More Time with Students. 

5.  Listening to a Youth Ministry "Expert" Talk About What is Wrong with The Church and Youth Ministry, After Admitting They Only Working in Youth Ministry for a Couple Years at Just One Church, Before Quitting to Become an "Expert". 

4.  When A Parent Tells You about How Their 7th Grader is Mature Enough to Have a Committed Long-Term Dating Relationship. 

3.  Trying to Non-Chalently Let One Slip, While Sitting in Staff Meeting.

2.  Trying to Listen to a Middle School Boy, Tell You a Joke While Missing the Punch Line... for the 3rd Time! 

1.  Having Someone Try to Explain the Difference Between Gossiping and Sharing a Prayer Request? 

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