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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Game #166: "Big Bowl of Irish Stew" (Upfront St. Patrick's Game)


- 2 big mixing bowls
- 2-4 gallons of milk (or water)
- 2-4 boxes of Lucky Charms cereal
- Green food coloring
- 2-4 teaspoons
- 2-4 small bowls (cereal/soup size)
- (optional): drop cloth
- (optional): stopwatch or digital screen countdown clock

Game Play: 
Quick Explanation: Players will have to retrieve marshmallows out of big bowl of Lucky Charm cereal.

Before the Game: 
- Pour the milk (water) and the green food coloring into into one large bowl. Wait until right before the game to pour in cereal.
- Place bowl in the front of the room on the floor of a stage or place it on an elevated surface (table)

- Choose 2-4 volunteers to come to the front
- Hand each volunteer a spoon and a smaller bowl
- Pour in the cereal, as you give the "quick explanation"
- Have each player put the spoon in their mouth.
- Explain scoring: marshmallows count for 2 points, regular cereal subtracts 1 point.
- On "GO!" players have 60 seconds to retrieve as many marshmallows as possible and put them in their bowl
- After 60 seconds, tally up the score of each player

Winner: Is the person that has the most points.

Group Game (alternative): 
Make it into a relay race, by creating 2 big bowls of "stew", dividing into 2 teams, and giving everyone a spoon.  Have teams race down to a bowl, retrieve a marshmallow and bring it back to their team's bowl.

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